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New IT Training Courses

Keep up with the pace of technology -- and your skills sharp -- with the latest IT training from CBT Nuggets. Here are our newest training releases.

CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator - CWNA-108 - CWNP Certification TrainingNetworkingJeff Kish, Keith Barker08/09/2022
Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate Certification Training (AZ-800 & AZ-801)AzureJames Conrad, Knox Hutchinson, Ben Finkel08/01/2022
Cisco SD-WAN: How to Manage Cisco vManageCiscoJeff Kish, Knox Hutchinson07/27/2022
How to Configure Cisco SD-WAN Routing with OSPF and BGPCiscoKeith Barker07/27/2022
SD-WAN Architecture: How to Deploy Cisco SD-WAN ControllersCiscoKeith Barker, Jeff Kish, Knox Hutchinson07/27/2022
Concepts for Cisco Network Engineers: What is SD-WANCiscoJeff Kish07/27/2022
Cisco Network Access Control: 802.1X Authentication and Cisco ISE OverviewCiscoKnox Hutchinson, Keith Barker07/27/2022
How to Implement Cisco Endpoint Security including Cisco AMP for EndpointsCiscoKnox Hutchinson, Keith Barker07/27/2022
How to Implement Web and Email Security with Cisco WSA and Cisco ESACiscoKeith Barker07/27/2022
Advanced Cisco Network Security: How to Configure Network Infrastructure SecurityCiscoKeith Barker07/27/2022
Foundations for CCNP Security Prep: How to Get Started with Advanced Cisco SecurityCiscoKnox Hutchinson, Keith Barker07/27/2022
How to Become a Data Center Technician: Cisco Nexus and Cisco UCS OverviewCiscoJeff Kish07/27/2022
How to Become a Data Center Technician: Cisco Data Center Networking BasicsCiscoJeff Kish07/27/2022
Advanced MPLS Tutorial for Cisco Network EngineersCiscoDavid Smith07/27/2022
Cisco Network Engineer Foundations: How MPLS WorksCiscoDavid Smith07/27/2022
How to Implement and Configure the IS-IS ProtocolCiscoDavid Smith07/27/2022
Advanced Cisco Network Design: Cisco QoS TutorialCiscoJeff Kish07/27/2022
Cisco SD-WAN Design Guide for Cisco Wireless Network EngineersCiscoJeff Kish07/27/2022
How to use Hierarchical Network Design to Design Advanced Campus NetworksCiscoJeff Kish07/27/2022
How to Design Advanced Cisco Networks using BGP RoutingCiscoKnox Hutchinson07/27/2022
Cisco OSPF Tutorial: How to Design Networks using OSPFCiscoKeith Barker, Knox Hutchinson07/27/2022
Advanced Cisco Networking: What is EIGRP Design?CiscoKeith Barker, Knox Hutchinson07/27/2022
How to Perform EIGRP Configuration and EIGRP TroubleshootingCiscoKeith Barker07/27/2022
How to Troubleshoot Cisco Routers and Control Plane PolicingCiscoKeith Barker07/27/2022
How to Troubleshoot the BGP ProtocolCiscoKnox Hutchinson07/27/2022
How to use Postman and Python for Data Center AutomationCiscoBen Finkel, Knox Hutchinson, John McGovern07/27/2022
How to Automate Cisco Security Devices with Postman and PythonCiscoBen Finkel, Knox Hutchinson, John McGovern07/27/2022
DevOps Fundamentals: How to Create a CI/CD PipelineDevOpsBen Finkel, Knox Hutchinson, Trevor Sullivan, Michael Levan, Bart Castle07/27/2022
Beginner Terraform Tutorial: How to Provision Azure and AWS Resources with Terraform DevOpsMichael Levan, Trevor Sullivan07/27/2022
How to Build Docker ImagesDevOpsTrevor Sullivan07/27/2022
AWS SQS vs SNS: How to Implement Amazon Simple Notification Service & Simple Queueing ServiceAWSBart Castle, Trevor Sullivan07/27/2022
How to Manage AWS EFS with Python and PowerShellAWSTrevor Sullivan07/27/2022
AWS EBS Tutorial: How to Manage Amazon EBS with Python and PowerShellAWSTrevor Sullivan07/27/2022
AWS EBS Tutorial: How to Implement AWS EBS EncryptionAWSBart Castle07/27/2022
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer - CKADLinuxTrevor Sullivan07/08/2022
CCNP Data Center Certification Prep: Automation and Orchestration - Cisco TrainingCiscoDavid Smith07/08/2022
AZ-801 Training: Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced ServicesAzureKnox Hutchinson06/30/2022
How to Prepare your Organization's Network for Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft TeamsJames Conrad06/30/2022
How to Manage Microsoft Teams Phone NumbersMicrosoft TeamsLalo Nunez06/30/2022
How to Configure Microsoft Teams Meeting OptionsMicrosoft TeamsLalo Nunez06/30/2022
How to Manage Microsoft Teams Phone SystemMicrosoft TeamsLalo Nunez06/30/2022
How to Work with Threat Indicators with Microsoft SentinelAzureBob Salmans06/30/2022
How to do a Wireless Site SurveyCiscoJeff Kish06/30/2022
How to Configure Cisco WLC HA and AP HACiscoJeff Kish06/30/2022
Getting Started with Microsoft Identity and Access Management: What is IAM?AzureJames Conrad06/30/2022
Linux Networking Commands for System AdministratorsLinuxJohn McGovern06/30/2022
How to Create and Mount a Linux File SystemLinuxJohn McGovern06/30/2022
How to Change Linux File PermissionsLinuxJohn McGovern06/30/2022
How to Run Basic Linux File CommandsLinuxJohn McGovern06/30/2022
Kubernetes Networking TutorialDevOpsTrevor Sullivan06/30/2022
How to Implement Azure Identity Management with Azure ADAzureBob Salmans06/30/2022
SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access AdministratorAzureBob Salmans06/29/2022
Microsoft Teams Certification - MS-700 Exam Online Training Microsoft 365Simona Millham, James Conrad, Lalo Nunez06/15/2022
Architecting Google Cloud SolutionsGoogle CloudBen Finkel06/14/2022
Cisco UCCX Scripting TrainingCiscoLalo Nunez06/02/2022
Learn the MERN Stack: Tutorial for BeginnersJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/02/2022
React Forms Tutorial: How to Build Forms in ReactJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/02/2022
Modern React Tutorial for Beginners: How to Create Your First React AppJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/02/2022
How to Create a React Datepicker from Scratch with ExamplesJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/02/2022
React Testing Library TutorialJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/02/2022
How to use Recoil JS for React State ManagementJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/02/2022
Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification Prep: FCoE vs FCCiscoJeff Kish06/02/2022
Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification Prep: Cisco HyperFlex TrainingCiscoJeff Kish06/02/2022
Google Kubernetes TrainingGoogle CloudBen Finkel06/02/2022
Google Cloud Tutorial: Networking SolutionsGoogle CloudBen Finkel06/02/2022
Google Cloud Tutorial: Google Cloud IAM Best PracticesGoogle CloudJohn Munjoma06/02/2022
Cisco H.323 and SIP TrainingCiscoLalo Nunez06/02/2022
Cisco CME ConfigurationCiscoLalo Nunez06/02/2022
Cisco Cube ConfigurationCiscoLalo Nunez06/02/2022
Cisco Dial Plan Best PracticesCiscoLalo Nunez06/02/2022
Microsoft Azure Tutorial for Beginners: Understanding Core ServicesAzureDaniel Sasse06/02/2022
Azure IAM TutorialAzureKnox Hutchinson, Trevor Sullivan, Daniel Sasse06/02/2022
How to Install and Deploy Server Hardware ComponentsNetworkingKnox Hutchinson06/02/2022
Server Administrator Training: FundamentalsNetworkingKnox Hutchinson06/02/2022
Fundamental Server Security Best Practices for AdministratorsNetworkingKnox Hutchinson06/02/2022
Server Administrator Training: TroubleshootingNetworkingKnox Hutchinson06/02/2022
Azure Training for Hybrid Environments: Implementing Networking SolutionsAzureKnox Hutchinson06/01/2022
Cisco Finesse TrainingCiscoLalo Nunez06/01/2022
Create a Full Stack React App with the MERN Stack Tutorial JavaScriptShaun Wassell06/01/2022
React Redux Tutorial: Redux Basics for BeginnersJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/01/2022
Storybook React: A Tutorial to Building UI Components More EasilyJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/01/2022
Firebase Authentication TutorialProgramming and DevelopmentShaun Wassell06/01/2022
Fundamental Data Security in the CloudCyber SecurityBob Salmans06/01/2022
Cloud Security Training: Hardening Cloud InfrastructureCyber SecurityBob Salmans06/01/2022
Cloud Security Training for Software DevelopersCyber SecurityBob Salmans06/01/2022
Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification Prep: Cisco UCS TrainingCiscoJeff Kish06/01/2022
Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification Prep: Designing Network ConnectivityCiscoJeff Kish06/01/2022
FortiGate Firewall Content InspectionFortinetKeith Barker06/01/2022
FortiGate Firewall Networking FundamentalsFortinetKeith Barker06/01/2022
FortiGate Firewall AuthenticationFortinetKeith Barker06/01/2022
How to Use Outlook on the Web TutorialMicrosoft 365Simona Millham06/01/2022
Angular and Firebase TutorialJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/01/2022
Create a Note-Sharing App with Angular, NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB: The MEAN Stack Tutorial for BeginnersJavaScriptShaun Wassell06/01/2022
Python Object-Oriented Programming TutorialPythonBen Finkel06/01/2022
Fundamental Cloud Security TrainingDevOpsBart Castle, Keith Barker, Knox Hutchinson, Bob Salmans06/01/2022
DevOps Training: How to Deploy to the CloudDevOpsBart Castle06/01/2022
Azure Security Certification Prep: Securing Data and ApplicationsAzureDaniel Sasse06/01/2022
Python Functions TutorialPythonJohn McGovern06/01/2022
Python and Pandas for Data ManipulationProgramming and DevelopmentJonathan Barrios05/31/2022
Azure Training for Hybrid Environments, Azure VMsAzureJames Conrad05/27/2022
Azure Training for Hybrid Environments: Implementing Storage SolutionsAzureKnox Hutchinson05/27/2022
SharePoint Training for End UsersSharepointSimona Millham05/27/2022
Fundamental Cryptography ExplainedCyber SecurityBob Salmans, John Munjoma05/27/2022
Implementing Cisco Data Center Compute Technologies - Cisco TrainingCiscoJeff Kish05/26/2022
Implementing Cisco Data Center Storage - Cisco TrainingCiscoDavid Smith05/26/2022
Applying Cisco Data Center Security - Cisco TrainingCiscoJeff Kish05/26/2022
Information Security Program Development and Management TrainingISACABob Salmans05/26/2022
Intro to IT Concepts and Terminology TrainingIntro to ITJames Conrad05/26/2022
Intro to IT Infrastructure TrainingIntro to ITJames Conrad05/26/2022
Intro to IT Operating Systems and Applications TrainingIntro to ITJames Conrad05/26/2022
Intro to IT Software Development Concepts TrainingIntro to ITJames Conrad05/26/2022
Intro to IT Database Concepts TrainingIntro to ITJames Conrad05/26/2022
Intro to IT Information Security Fundamentals TrainingIntro to ITJames Conrad05/26/2022
Hyper-V TutorialMicrosoft Windows ServerJames Conrad05/18/2022
Creating Windows Server 2022 Containers with Docker TutorialDevOpsJames Conrad05/18/2022

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